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QA & Testing

Innovation software services team has grown to become a pioneer in Internet and website testing service. The company's success is the result of its advanced monitoring and systematic potentialities that go far beyond typical property tests. We perform detailed measures as server response reading, content error analysis, and performance measurement.
We also offer website testing services to advocate your daily project demands for site selection, design, content and construction.
Internet performance for online businesses can be extremely illusory. A website access in the case of ISP (Internet service provider) can is perfect over a browser at the home office, but can be slow in other parts. We give our clients additional peace of mind that their Internet businesses are running as planned around the world. If not, we can analysis regarding on various website problems.
The 24 hours service includes automatic client notification through our support center via phone or email whenever performance deviates from preexist averages.

Quality Assurance and Testing plays a critical role in the delivery of a quality product. Early detection of defects in the project lifecycle saves a significant amount of time and money and ensures that a robust software is developed. Our Quality Assurance team at Creativetestminds makes sure that the software is thoroughly tested using our Test Methodology  which consists of test planning test

We provide the following services:

  • Development of Test Plan and Test Strategy
  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Performance/Load Testing
  • Post Implementation Support.








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